In 1984 Nuova F.NT. Fabbrica Nontessuti S.p.A. takes over "SNIA Viscosa" and starts the production of nonwoven fabrics.

A family-run Company, owned by Giuseppe Cioli and his children Federica and Matteo.

Proud of these 40 years of production knowledge with a total of 7 running technologies, processing mainly polyester and viscose staple fibers in the only Padova’s site.

The wide range of products allows us to deal with many different applications, such as Automotive, leather goods, filtration, coating backings, epilation stripes and beauty devices, just to mention the most relevant ones.


By developing customized solutions and providing particular finishings/treatments, our desire to satisfy the market’s demand and follow all its trends stays vibrant. It’s our way to strengthen the added-value of the offer and move with the times.