SPUNLACE (Hydroentangling)

Fibers are interlaced by the action of high pressure water-jets, originating a regular, smooth and compact nonwoven fabric, named Newjet.

It is available from 30 gsm to 250 gsm in white, black and colors. Not only polyester is used, but also a blend of different fibers as viscose, polypropylene and polyamide, obtaining in this way a wide range of products.

These materials are employed in many application fields: from medical items to technical laminations for Automotive Industry, to filtration, to beauty devices, etc..

The nonwoven can be also treated in line to confer water and oil repellence properties, flame resistance and other particular finishings.

In order to keep our offer close to the market’s trends, we have developed the option to produce the entire range of Polyester products with partial or total recycled fibers (GRS standard certification). Our goal is to head towards an eco-sustainable production at the soonest.

  • SPUNLACE PROPERTIES: Resistance and absorption. From 30 gsm to 250 gsm; hypoallergenic and non-irritating.
  • SPUNLACE PERSONALIZED FINISHES: The material is suitable for post-treatments to convey the requested properties, such as flame retardancy, hydro and oil repellency and thermo-adhesivization.
  • SPUNLACE APPLICATION FIELDS: Industry, disposables, Automotive, shoe industry, leather goods, lamination, medical-sanitary.